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VLC Download Free

VLC Download Free – VLC is the most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video player in circulation to this day. If other media players can read the less common formats with the help of a codec or can’t reproduce them at all, the VLC Media Player manages hundreds of formats from nous files to FLV and RMVB.

Another very useful feature that the VLC Download Free offers is the ability to use it to see the files you download because it is able to also partially play video files. In any case, playing video files is just one of the many ways VLC Media Player offers: In fact, it integrates seamlessly with the streaming services of web channels like, allowing you to access channels like ESPN, Reuters, and National Can. Geographical.

Simply click with the right button or with the command key on the playlist, select Services Discovery, and Then appears on your VLC Download Free game list; Select it by clicking on the different categories of channels. Click on the category you want to open to see a drop-down menu of all available channels in the VLC Media Player. At this point, all you have to do is click on the channel you want to see, and streaming playback starts almost immediately.

Easy to manage and create playlists

VLC Download Free also supports a number of shortcuts and if you have time to learn the combinations, you can touch it without the mouse. This aspect is not relevant if you use it to watch DVDs or video files mainly; While it is able to reproduce any file extension in music, it has an equalizer and a playlist creation feature.

VLC Download Free
VLC Download Free

In terms of media management, the VLC Download Free isn’t as intuitive as iTunes, but it’s certainly a much more flexible player than the formats it supports. You can also use it to convert your files, and in addition to all the formats and physical media you can read, it also supports many streaming logs and TV cards.

VLC Download Free

With VLC Media Player, subtitles can also be inserted into your video files: Simply insert the SRT file into the folder where you saved the video and the subtitles are automatically uploaded.

We suggest you also read other articles on the topic, such as the one below: How to convert video and audio files with VLC Download Free, how to add subtitles in Italian with VLC, how to sync subtitles with VLC, the best free media players.
It’s really hard to find bugs in the VLC Media Player: It’s an exceptionally lightweight media player that manages to reproduce the files that other readers can’t even open flawlessly.

Its open source nature guarantees constant updates. The quality of audio and video playback is great. Little to plead.

VLC Download Free 3.0.4 40 MB Download

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