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Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit

Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit – VLC Media Player is a portable media player and streaming media server for Windows that can support almost any form of video or audio.

Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit, which was developed by VideoLAN, became a benchmark among Windows users not only because they are free but because they are powerful, customizable and, most importantly, easy to use. This player does not have a steep learning curve when it comes to the basics, but its powerful abilities and advanced users who take the time to learn the program will be rewarded.

A large part of what makes VLC so user-friendly is to support the out-of-box encoding. VLC practically supports all major codecs, and the normal user will never ever have to worry about it. Of course, Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit also has access to all the codecs installed on your system, which means that advanced users can overcome any defects or even override certain default encoding with the preferred option.

Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit is a bit bare by default, but that’s also kind of the point. This is a simplified media player and a server that does exactly what you expect that and does it well. VLC does not offer support for skins and extensions. Surfaces or themes can be used to change the visual style or even the UI layout, and you can customize it yourself or load the surfaces created by VideoLAN or the community. Similarly, extensions allow you to add features to the player or server, or even change the default behavior. As with the themes, you can create these on your own or download the packages created by the community.

Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit
Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit

Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bitnot only supports files but can also access web cameras, CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-rays, which do not support many free players. The big reason VLC has achieved its widespread popularity is the tremendous amount of control it gives the user. Select individual audio tracks, select the subtitle tracks or bypass them yourself, manipulate the audio levels even beyond the standard limits and shift the sound timing a little in this way or a little in this way in order to get everything completely synchronized. You can even set up VLC for your movie stream or other multimedia kits to other devices throughout your home.


  • Superb built-in support format, including Blu-ray
  • Streaming Web channel integration
  • Skinning and customization by extension
  • Excellent Hotkey support


  • A simple Default User interface
  • Some key features are buried
Download VLC Terbaru 64 Bit 3.0.4 40 MB Download

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