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Download Official VLC 2019

Download Official VLC 2019 – Download Official VLC 2019 makes the popular media player available for the Modern UI of Microsoft’s new operating system. As with the desktop version, the player plays multimedia files by supporting a variety of video and audio formats.

Support for all common formats

With Download Official VLC 2019, you can easily play the most part of movies, TV series or music. The player supports all common formats such as OGG, FLAC, MKV, MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV and many others.

Download Official VLC 2019 also helps play external media or a server. This allows you to play multimedia files from a USB stick, an external hard drive or via the home network.

Compared to the big brother, the VLC Media Player, the Windows 8 version offers few options. VLC for Windows 10 has a search feature for media files as well as options to set subtitles, audio tracks, and playback speed.

Integrated into Windows 8 design

Download Official VLC 2019 user interface adapts to the design of Windows 8. VLC for Windows 10 has intuitive handling. The software organizes media files by category for music and videos. Pieces of music sort the application by either artist, title or favorite. On the home page, the VLC Media Player presents a selection of music and videos.

Download Official VLC 2019
Download Official VLC 2019

However, the small number of options is negatively important. So there are no playlists and no options to customize the user interface. An equalizer is missing, as is a menu for settings. All of this is standard with the desktop version.

In addition, VLC does not run on Windows RT for Windows 10. The operating system is used on the Surface-2 tablet. Anyone who knows the VLC Media Player from the desktop PC will certainly continue to use it.

Verdict: a Good player with air up

The availability of the Download Official VLC 2019 will delight Windows 8 users. The software integrates perfectly with the design of the operating system, which is why the handling is intuitive. Thanks to rich format support, the player plays almost every format. However, the player does not offer the usual range of functions.

The player is currently only available in the beta version, so new features or support for Windows RT could be added in the next few weeks or months. VLC also has some bugs for Windows 10, but they should be fixed with the next updates.

Download Official VLC 2019 3.0.4 40 MB Download

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